COVID Video Submission Guidelines

Are you a fisher or fish worker who would like to share your experiences from the COVID-19 pandemic? We want to hear your story! 

This fall, the SSF Hub will host a two-part event where small-scale fishers and fish workers around the globe will discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on their lives and livelihoods of people in their communities. Leading up to and following this event, the SSF Hub will be posting a COVID-19 Video Series on our YouTube channel featuring these stories. Videos can be in any language and will be subtitled on YouTube. If you're interested in submitting a video to be part of this series, follow the guidelines below.

Please respond to one of the two sets of questions for your video. Videos should be no more than 5 minutes long.  

Session I: Stories from communities told by fishers

  • Challenges: What has been the biggest challenge your community has faced as a result of COVID?
  • What did you do: What was the most successful response to these challenges?
  • How: What resources or support has allowed for you to respond and adapt? Did this change over time? 
  • Advice: What advice would you give other fishers dealing with the ongoing challenges posed by COVID?

Session II: Value chain innovations to cope with/adapt to COVID

  • Challenges: What are the greatest challenges that COVID-19 brings to your fishing/seafood business? 
  • What did you do: What did you do to adapt/cope? 
  • How: How have you, fishers in your community, and partners in the supply chain had to adapt the way you normally bring your catch to market as a result of COVID?
  • Advice: What changes/innovations are you retaining (or will you retain) moving forward?

Video Submission Guidelines

  1. Read some tips below on how to shoot a professional video on your phone.
  2. Select one of the question sets to respond to. 
  3. Record a video (approximately 5 minutes) of your stories and experiences during the pandemic. Videos can be in any language and will be subtitled on YouTube.
    • Introduce yourself: Say hello, your name, where you are and what you do.
    • Respond to your chosen question set
  4. Send your video on WhatsApp to (415) 610-8248 OR send using to our email at Make sure to include your name and title in your submission. Please contact us at if you need guidance on using WeTransfer.

Tips for Shooting a Professional Video on Your Phone

  1. Find a quiet space with minimal background noise that is not echoey.
  2. Find an interesting background with good lighting and no shadows on your face. If you are outside, make sure the sun is behind the camera person/phone.
  3. Hold your phone horizontally, keeping it as straight and level as possible.
  4. Keep your phone steady and check every so often to make sure the camera focus is on you. Having someone else record or placing your phone on a tripod instead of holding it would be great options if possible.
  5. Speak clearly and casually. Look into the camera as if you’re addressing a group of people. Don’t feel rushed and if you need to start again or shoot a few takes, that’s ok!

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