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Griselda  Alvarado Picado

Aarón Chacón is 24 years old and is part of CoopeTárcoles R.L., a small-scale artisanal fishing cooperative that has been operating in the community of Tárcoles for more than 20 years. 

Alexander  Ford

Hello everyone! I am interested in knowing your thoughts on whether a market access certification standard designed specifically for small-scale fisheries and based on the SSF Guidelines would be useful for bolstering the sector.

Brayam Fernández

NOTE: This post has been translated below.

Griselda  Alvarado Picado

During the pandemic in Costa Rica, as in all parts of the world, virtuality has undermined the abilities of local coastal communities and the small-scale artisanal fishing and mollusk gathering sectors in general to raise their voices and call attention to the situations that their commu

Gemma Carroll

Climate change poses a growing risk to small scale fisheries as oceans warm, storms become more intense, and sea levels rise. Some important fishery species are seeing declines in productivity, and some species are moving away from traditional fishing grounds.

Brayam Fernández

Note: This post has been translated below.

Nina Pardo

Pescadores artesanales del Norte del Perú serán considerados ilegales si el Estado peruano no toma pronta decisión

Valerie  Burgener

Acknowledging the role women play in fisheries, and the deep-rooted challenges they face, is essential to constructing gender-based approaches to management that allow and incentivize women’s full participation in the sector.