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Veta  Wade

We are interested in exploring the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility in Montserrat.  We understand this facility is available to Montserrat and would like to know how other islands have introduced this to Fishers. Is there a reasonable take-up of the facility?

Veta  Wade

Many of us in the Caribbean have experienced sargassum inundations since 2011, with forecasts predicting these phenomena will increase over the coming years. UNEP has explored the question we have all been asking. How can we create opportunities for our communities and economies?

Ubaldo Tume

Nuestros antepasados se iniciaron con balsas (troncos flotantes, unidos por sogas y unos palos transversales que lo hacia una sola pieza y muy firme) y estos añadieron una pequeña vela para poder trasladarse de un lugar a otro y poder llevar el sustento a las familias desde aquel entonces los pes

Mitra Bentala

Discussion And Learning Together In Sungai Burung Village

Increasing the Role of Women Fishermen Towards Sustainable Management of Blue Swimming crabs