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- The Congress is critical because it visualizes the reality of fishers and mollusk gatherers. Those who dedicate themselves to said activities also face the problems and needs that come with the job.

Central America, November 1, 2021. A group of 12 young Costa Ricans working in small-scale artisanal fishing will contribute their experience and knowledge to the SSF HUB digital platform, which gathers information on small-scale fisheries in 19 countries worldwide.

In Costa Rica, 8 out of 10 fishers are unlicensed. In this conference, participants will work to create a plan of action to reduce unauthorized small-scale fishing.

Blue Ventures and the Transform Bottom Trawling coalition invite you to join us for the following online event:

COP26 Special: Bottom trawling and a zero-carbon future: what needs to change?"

Register at: tokotelo.blueventures.org

This article was written by Noel Campbell who is a curator at the National Museum of Ireland and is part of a wider series on small-scale fishers on the offshore islands of Ireland.

La fotografía es una buena herramienta a día de hoy para inmortalizar sucesos que podremos mostrar a futuro.

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