Welcome to the SSF Hub

To learn more about the basic features of the Hub, please watch the SSF Hub Tour video. Go to the How-to Tutorials section below to watch videos that walk through specific Hub features. Additional guidance can be found in the How Do I? section below, as well as in the About the SSF Hub page. For more resources and information about small-scale fisheries, visit our About Small-Scale Fisheries page.  

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SSF Hub Tour

To learn more about the SSF Hub and explore different website features, please watch the video below.

How-to Tutorials

Visit the How-to Tutorials page to watch tutorials that walk through how to use specific features of the Hub. 


How Do I?


1. Contact the SSF Hub?

Please Contact Us with any comments or questions that you have about the SSF Hub.

2. Make a SSF Hub account?

Click the green “Join” button on the top right-hand corner on the homepage. Follow the instructions for creating a new profile. 

3. Sign up for newsletters and updates?

You can sign up for the newsletter here.

4. View the SSF Hub in other languages?

The SSF Hub utilizes Google Translate to translate full pages into different languages. To change the SSF Hub to a different language, click the Select Language button on the top navigation bar and select the language of your choice.

If you do not see your language, please Contact Us and we will work to add the language as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: you must “Accept Cookies” in order for the language translation to continue as you navigate through the site. You can learn more about cookies here

5. Use the Resource Library?

The Resource Library can be found here. Use the 8 category tiles to browse topics or utilize the filters on the right-hand side of the screen to narrow down the library to the resources based on criteria of interest. For more information on the Resource Library, please read the SSF Hub Resource Library Guidelines

6. Suggest a resource?

If you know of a resource or case study that you think would be a good addition to the SSF Hub Resource Library, please read the SSF Hub Resource Library Guidelines and fill out this form.

7. Suggest an event?

The SSF Hub seeks to share events relating to small-scale fisheries, local to international, from a wide range of geographies and in a variety of languages. The Events page lists webinars, conferences, meetings, workshops, and funding opportunities. If you would like to suggest an event please contact us.

8. Join a group?

Groups can be found in the drop down menu under the Community Forum at the top navigation bar or here

9. Create a group?

Groups provide a place for SSF Hub members to connect and discuss specific topic areas within small-scale fisheries. If you are interested in creating a group, please visit the About Groups page. 

10. Post questions, success stories, lessons learned, resources, etc?

Questions, discussions, stories, and suggestions are posted in the Community Forum. New topics and questions can be discussed in the comments section of an existing discussion or you can start a new discussion topic. To start a new discussion, create or login to your SSF Hub account and click the "New Topic"  option from the drop down list under "Add content" on the top navigation bar. 

11. Find a user working on a topic I am interested in?

A directory of the SSF Hub members can be found in the drop down menu under the Community Forum at the top navigation bar. There you can browse all members or use the filters on the right-hand side of the screen to narrow down your search.

12. Use the Smart Search Tool?

The Smart Search Tool is a search tool that provides quick navigation to popular topics in the SSF Hub. 

a) Select a topic from the first drop down list. 

b) Select an action from the second drop down list. 

  • “Learn about this topic” will guide you to the Resource Library and resource pages on this topic. 
  • “Ask or answer a question about this topic” will guide you to the Community Forum and discussions relating to this topic. 
  • “Connect with others that work on this topic” will guide you to the Member Directory and SSF Hub members who have experience with this topic.
  • “Take action  on this topic” will guide you to the Resource Library and tools and toolkits on this topic. 

13. Learn more about the Small-scale fisheries Guidelines (SSF Guidelines)?

Learn more about the SSF Guidelines here.

14. Learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Learn more about the SDGs here

15. Learn more about who created the SSF Hub and why?

The SSF Hub was created by a group of partners. To learn more, please visit the About The SSF Hub page.

16. Access the Hub in places with limited internet?

The SSF Hub is designed to be compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile devices. At the moment, it requires a web browser, but we are open to exploring options for making it into an App.

17. Flag inappropriate content?

If you see content that does not adhere to the SSF Hub Community Guidelines, please notify the Group moderator or Contact Us.

18. Change my email notification settings?

When you create a new SSF Hub profile, by default you are signed up for email notifications. If you wish to change your notification settings: 
a) Sign into your profile 
b) Hover over your profile icon in the upper righthand corner of the screen, and click Settings from the dropdown menu. 
c) Click on the Email Notifications header 
d) Click through the sections - Message to me, What I manage, What I follow, and System notifications to adjust the email notifications settings based on your preferences.

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